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Dr. Shiela Dixon

Board Member

Dr. Sheila Dixon is the Executive Director of NS Weaver Restoration House & Outreach Mission a transitional homeless facility for single women and single women with children. Dr. Dixon is the co-founder for the homeless facility her mission is to bring single woman and single woman with children back to self-sufficiency. Dr. Dixon is a certified financial Life coach and an ordained executive pastor. She currently teaches life coping skills and financial literacy to families and individuals. Dr. Dixon has helped many people recover from financial distress. Dr. Dixon’s quest is to assist residents of the homeless facility with emotional and psychological support. Dr. Dixon’s passion is to assist people to transition from homelessness state and impoverishment to restoration. Dr. Dixon volunteers for various homeless shelters providing case management services, financial literacy training and teaching life coping skills. Dr. Dixon has served previously on several non-profit boards and is an advocate for the homeless populace.

Dr. Dixon has a BA in psychology, Christian Counseling and Masters in psychology non-profit management. Dr. Dixon is currently obtaining a second doctoral degree at Walden University to become an applied social psychologist.

Dr. Shiela Dixon
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