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Pastor Julia Starling

Board Member

After years of sitting under the Word of God, working, and serving behind the scenes in ministry, God released Julia Starling to minister to His people.  Julia speaks from a special place that is both a blessing to parishioners and those in leadership.  Julia communicates from a very clear and practical light.  With openness and transparency, God is using Julia to restore and empower the believer to go from knowing the promises of God to experiencing the manifestations of God.


Native of Sanford, Florida, Julia and her husband, Joseph, are founders and Pastors of Hope Alive Ministries.  Julia is a graduate of Faith Christian University, where she earned a Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Christian Counseling.  Julia is also the host of “When Two Become One”, a weekly radio broadcast, which covers topics concerning marriage, family and parenting issues.  Julia states, “My desire is to see people fulfill their purpose in God, it’s an honor to be used by God and to add value to the life of any person.”

Pastor Julia Starling
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