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And Now Our Winners of the Empower Tank Challenge!

We really enjoyed reading the submissions from each of our contestants who participated in the Empower Tank Challenge. Please see our winners listed below and their prizes! All winners received, in addition to the prizes shown below, a C.A.M.P bag and cup!


Contestant:  Aysah

Business: Eyelash enhancement installing. She has completed her business plan while practicing pro bono eyelash installing and she’s in the process of completing her Eyelash Extensions Certification.  

Prize: The C.A.M.P. purchased her a logo design and a custom tee-shirt with her branding for business promoting once she completes her certification.


Contestant: Toniha

Business: Online natural hair product influencer

Prize: The C.A.M.P. purchased her a logo design and had it created on a video backdrop banner for her to start her own branding content.


Contestant: Eloise

Business: In the process of developing an App. for students to organize their thoughts

Prize: The C.A.M.P. gifted a wall visional board/markers and a journal to help her with organization and structure during her product development phase.


Contestant: Skylar

Business: At this time she is working on a concept for “something” a book, App. or program to help parents understanding textures and preparations for kids with mixed race hair.

Prize: The C.A.M.P. gifted a business planner, gift card & many C.A.M.P. customized items (i.e. backpack).

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